Nov. 19th, 2006 04:16 pm
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Think sunrise, think New Zealand - it’s the land of the most incredible skies I've ever seen. Skies that were all at once dark pink and deep gold and charcoal and blue. I saw a good many of them whether I wanted to or not - we had many early calls - but I never tired of them, or the man who saw many of them with me. I remember particularly the sunrise the day after my birthday - my forty second birthday to be exact. I remember staring out at the changing sky at dawn - the first morning in days when we could have slept late but I'd been awake since three, thinking about things - ruminating, Sean calls it. He says I do too much thinking... But that morning I stood there looking at the sky and worried about running out of sunrises - worried that our time over there together was running out too. And suddenly I was promising myself that I'd get up every damn morning until it was time to go home so I wouldn't waste a single minute with him. Of course, he had other ideas as I recall. And after he joined me at the window and agreed that it was indeed a beautiful sky, we talked about what would happen when we'd finished filming. No need to say exactly what we said except that it seems we'd both been worrying about the same thing. And then Sean suggested we go back to bed for a while. Something about another birthday present left to open...


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