Oct. 13th, 2006

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Not a what - a who. Bean - and I wouldn't change a thing. Sorry, did I say that out loud? Okay - rewind that tape. I'm assuming this question is more to do with things that a person would prefer not to keep them awake at night... Very little keeps me up at night, now I think about it. I sleep like the dead most nights - so long as I haven't eaten too late. Or drunk too much red wine - or vodka, both of which tend to make me crash out - like I'm in a coma - but then I'm wide awake at some crazy hour and totally unable to get back to sleep. Which brings me back to Bean because before he moved in, I'd get up and paint or read or something. Now I have more options...

I guess the worst thing is lying awake worrying about something or other - often Henry - though he's not done anything weird or wild to make me worry. I just worry because he's my son and as a father I think worrying about the future for your child is part of the deal. Having someone to talk to about those worries sure helps - and that brings me back to Bean again...


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