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Going for a drink with Bean in London a year or so back. It was the first time we'd managed to get together for christ knows how long and although there was so much appeal in just staying in the hotel room all night, Bean managed to talk me into going for a couple of pints. Big fucking mistake. At first it seemed okay, the bar he chose was still fairly quiet and we managed to talk without getting interrupted too oftenby requests for autographs or by women saying 'say, are you really Sean Bean?' or 'hey - it's Aragorn and Boromir!' Oh yeah, really fucking original - and worse of course, they just had to be American didn't they - which meant twice as fucking loud too...

But I managed a pint in that place and we talked about this and that, about movie projects and our kids and then Bean decided to move on to somewhere else and maybe get something to eat. No chance of that. It was happy hour and the women in the second place were worse than the first - and worse for drink too. Fangirls, Bean called them - a really wild bunch. We were only there for ten minutes, had just got a drink before the women started crowding in - getting much too close and staring like they expected us to do something. So we did. One nod from Sean and we were outta there, running down the street and into a cab and back to my hotel. Believe me, there isn't anything scarier than those fangirls...

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