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Injustice, violation of basic human rights, deliberate senseless cruelty to people and animals, short term political thinking, lack of political will and leadership, the appalling state of our health care system - in which our citizens suffer whilst enormous profits go to drug companies, private medical administration businesses and insurance companies, from overpriced drugs, superfluous bureaucracy and general inefficiency - Jesus -the list is endless... But even that's nothing compared to how I feel when I can't find something - like a document or a script - something that I know I left somewhere really safe, but I also know that Bean has moved somewhere else while he's been tidying things away. And if he isn't around to enlighten me as to its whereabouts, it then becomes almost like a game in which I have to second guess what he was thinking about when he moved the damn thing in the first place. And the other thing that drives me crazy is when he turns and folds and reorganises the whole damn newspaper all ways up so I can't find a goddamn thing that I want to read...

But then he'll look at me and those eyes'll glint all gold and green and he'll say something that just blows me away.


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